Why Your Brain Lets you Down

The human brain is the most creative problem solving and visualization tool that you have , yet it lets you down at its most basic level of functionality – thinking.  Your brain is designed to protect you and to keep you safe.  Human beings crave safety, warmth,...

Trust and Warmth First

Here’s a lesson I learned about how establishing trust and warmth first, goes a long way towards positioning you for closing new business leads.   Beer for Breakfast?   I was on an early flight this morning, on route to our National RE/MAX Convention at Sun City. ...

3 Steps to Become a Better Marketer

I’m writing this week from the beautiful city of Cape Town.  This city really is a dream for a marketer and apart from the obvious water crisis right now, the city has everything you would need in order to attract tourists.   You are a marketer   As an entrepreneur,...

Want More Headlines in Your Week?

There’s a cool US based website called www.theweek.com – its a snapshot of major news highlights of the week.  Seven days is a long time in a news cycle, especially here at home in South Africa. What Was Your Headline Last Week? Closer to home – your home – what were...

Don’t Miss Your Signals

We miss signals all the time, in our business, and in our personal lives.  Sometimes we choose to ignore the obvious, whilst at other times we are too busy with other ‘stuff’ to notice. As you know, Cape Town is facing a significant crisis in its water suppl right...

Consistency is Key

For those who battle to grasp the context of building for the future, its always good to remind yourself that so much of what you do is part of a process.  Consistency is key. Instant gratification will kill your dreams. Why?  If you expect instant results from your...

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